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Not a day goes by at the BeautyMNL office without at least one of the girls going through the lipstick sample chest. (Yes, we need an actual chest—don’t judge us!) Point is, we’re always pleasantly surprised to see the number of local tubes in our keeping. And as luck would have it, we just added five new colors to the mix: the gorgeous So Matte Lipstick Collection by Sooper Beaute!

Now, admittedly, the word “must-have” gets thrown around a lot in our industry. But the moment you uncap these lipsticks, the initial, visceral reaction is that you must have them. They’re that pretty—a hybrid of timeless and hot-right-now that will give you instant shopper’s itch. The So Matte Lipsticks were designed by Filipinas for Filipinas, after all, so you can just imagine how flattering the shades are on our diverse skin tone spectrum.

Each of the lipsticks has a soft matte finish, creamy formula, and opaque coverage. They’re actually made with hydrators like shea butter and Vitamin E, so they won’t dry out your mouth even though they’re extremely matte. Nice to know you can feel good while you look good. See the swatches below and tell us what you think!


Mara in Draco
THE COLOR: A pretty peachy-nude that’s perfect for work and weekend.



Sabby in Norma
THE COLOR: A warm apricot beige with a vintage feel.



Erika in Hydra
THE COLOR: A rich caramel that makes a good starter brown.



Kat in Tucana
THE COLOR: A sweet, rosy pink with just a hint of red.



Dani in Andromeda
THE COLOR: A gorgeous burgundy for bold-lip lovers.



Love local, indeed!