• SOOPER BOSS Starter Pack

SOOPER BOSS Starter Pack

Be your own boss with our in demand and highly effective products for your skin and beauty needs. Our Starter pack is carefully selected featuring our bestsellers.


25 Serums

6 Baby Skin Snail Serum + Tomato Extract
7 Aloe Vera Juice Serum
6 Beautiful Skin Serum + Tea Tree Extract & Vitamin E
6 Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Vitamin C

20 Lip and Cheek Rollies

2 Blushing
2 Just Bitten
2 Bloody Red
2 Honey
2 Darling
2 Crush
2 Lust
2 Babe
2 Love
2 Sweetheart

Nots:  If a shade or variant is unavailable upon purchase of the pack, we will replace with the next bestselling variant or shade.

  • ₱5,456.25
  • ₱7,275.00